Submissions Guidelines

+Horror Library+ Volume 6  Submissions Guidelines

Please note that submissions for Horror Library Volume 6 are now closed.

If you’ve submitted a story, thank you!  You should have received a brief acknowledgment within a couple of days of submitting.  If you’ve not received any acknowledgment email after three days, please feel free to follow up with a note to the editor.  In all cases, please make sure your return email address is correct — we’ve had at least one case where direct replies to a submission were returned as undeliverable.  In a case like that, we’ve no way of reaching the person who made the original submission.

Stay tuned to this page for other submission windows in the future, and good luck with your writing!

Single Slices Submissions Guidelines

Please note that submissions for Cutting Block’s Single Slices are closed. At this time, we are not planning any further open submissions windows.  Thanks to everyone who submitted, and we hope you enjoy reading the published Slices as they continue to be released throughout 2016.


Query Letters

If you have a completed novel that is polished and ready to hit the market, you may send us a query letter.  Please follow the instructions on the “Contact Us” page.

Critically Acclaimed Books

The Best of Horror Library: Volumes 1-5 is the latest anthology in the Bram Stoker Award® nominated Horror Library series. This one contains the best stories from all five previous volumes. Get your copy today!

Tattered Souls 2 is another awesome Bram Stoker Award nominee, featuring stories by Forrest Aguirre, Tim W. Burke, Stephanie Shaw, Elias Siqueros, Kathleen Dale, Melanie Fogel, Anne Michaud, and Steve Ruthenbeck. Look for it on Amazon!

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