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The Best of Horror Library: Volumes 1-5

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Blue Eel


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Horror Library, Volume 5

Bram Stoker Award® nominated











Tattered Souls 2

Bram Stoker Award® nominated


 Horror Library, Volume 4

Bram Stoker Award® nominated

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Horror Library Vol 4



 Butcher Shop Quartet 2

Butcher Block Quartet II











Horror Library, Volume 3   

Bram Stoker Award® nominated

Horror Library Vol 3











Tattered Souls

Tattered Souls

“One thing is for sure—Cutting Block Press has put out a book of high-quality horror that is extreme in every sense of the word. Recommended.”
Monster Librarian (read full review)

“The key images are well-chosen and horribly vivid, sure to stick in your mind for weeks to come.”
The Fix Online (read full review)

Tattered Souls seems a good place to discover future talents in the world of horror.”
Bookgasm (read full review)

“Already earning good marks for their Horror Library and Butcher’s Quartet anthologies, Cutting Block Press has brought one more fulfilling volume of long stories to readers. ”
The Horror Reader (read full review)


Horror Library, Volume 2

Horror Library Vol 2

“‘Horror Library Volume 2 proves that you don’t need a list of “big names” to put together a worthwhile anthology. … Overall, a strong effort.”

—Ray Wallace, Chi Book Reviews (read full review)

“‘The Horror Library series is a fantastic introduction to hot new talent.”
—Matt Schwartz, — your one-stop shop for horror

“All the stories in this anthology are fine examples of and additions to the genre of horror.”
The Fix Online (read full review)

“There are plenty here to make this Library worth repeat visits.”
(read full review)

“An anthology worthy of a Stoker nomination. … None of the stories here resort to violence as a smoke screen to hide bad writing. Where you find blood, you also find well-drawn characters, snappy dialogue, and tight plotting.”
Skullring (read full review)

Horror Library Volume II is an excellent collection of short stories that can be enjoyed all at once or savored over many days.”
Monster Librarian (read full review)

Horror and Fantasy Book Review (read full review)


Horror Library Vol 1

Horror Library Vol 1

Horror Library Vol 1

“I’d say this volume is essential for any personal horror library. It presents examples of some of the best damn talent out in the field today.”
Nick Grabowski (read full review)

“Some work well, and some work very well, to do these things, and it’s as they serve this function — the exploration of the terrible — that the collection achieves its most effective moments.”
SF Reader (read full review)

“Good from cover to cover. … Every tale in here is good, and some are even great.”
Skullring (read full review)

“The folks of the Horror Library made me a very happy reader indeed.”
Insidious Reflections (read full review)

Horror Library Vol 1 is the new benchmark for top quality anthologies.” — Gary Charles (read full review)

“This collection of stories will make you leave the lights on at night. Some of these bone-chilling vignettes will stick in the cranium and haunt the reader long after closing the book’s cover.”
— CROWGRRL / November 12, 2006 (read full review)

Horror Library: Volume 1 offers a dark and diverse collection of short fiction from across the horror spectrum. From twisted black humour, to supernatural chills to erotic torture, all forms of the genre are given equal weight in what proves to be a valuable snapshot of the modern horror story.”
— Mark Smith-Briggs / June 27, 2006 (full review no longer available online)

“New voices in horror arise every day, but are often times unheard of by the general public. Talented writers labor in obscurity, learning their craft in hopes of the one big break that will expose their works and voices to the general public to make their visions heard at last. To that end, a few notable publishers have taken to putting out anthologies filled with the curious and singular voices of writers of whom no one outside of literary circles might have heard. They are, however, quite talented, and the collections show their chops well. One such publisher is Cutting Block Press,whose 2006 release, Horror Library: Volume 1, is a showcase of terror, twisted visions, and pure horror. Contained within 224 pages are thirty stories by authors you may not know, but you should. With plots ranging from the horrific to the absurd to the just plain disturbing, the talents showcased in this collection are wide-spread, with audiences of all kinds finding at least one story to send them into giggling horror frenzy.” 4.5 out of 5
— Scott A. Johnson / June 14, 2006 (read full review)

C U S T O M E R    R E V I E W S
..runs the entire spectrum of dark fiction…embraces the genre, paying diligence to the traditional spine tingler, the supernatural, the haunted, the dark satire and the gritty modern thriller. Thirty dark tales, each by a different story teller…… truly fresh meat for the horror fan. In ten years time some of the writers whose work appears here will be known as masters of the genre, so shrink wrap your copy and remember, I told you so!…the first anthology from R.J. Cavender and Cutting Block Press…[is] a great first run…look forward to volume II….the stories are creepy and scary just like you’d expect. There’s also a touch of black humor in several pieces……a good introduction to all the various types of horror available from [sic]todays up and coming authors…
Buy it, read it, bury it, it will come back to you in your dreams.THE REMEMBERING COUNTRY by Kevin Filan: One of the best writers you’ve never heard of. This tale is bizarre…BLACK BOX by Eric Stark: …a superbly creepy story…really shines……writing reminds me a bit of Jack Ketchum and the work has the same effect. An original idea.
MOMMA’S SHADOW by Mark E. Deloy: …great, creepy old school horror…SHADOWS by D.X. Williams: …twisted piece… SKULL FARMERS by Matt Samet: …nasty and seriously mental. Fans of psycho horror will foam over this one…A SUNNY DAY TURNS DARK by Chris Perridas: …dark humor…THE MOTHER by jOhn lOverO: …a unique take on vampires…SURRENDER by Vince Churchill: …If erotica is your thing…WINGS WITH HOT SAUCE by Fran Friel: a touch of black humor…made me laugh outloud…THE PUPPET SHOW by Rick J. Brown: …apocolyptic sci-fi horror that sent chills up and down my spine. The imagery was like Gaiman meets Lovecraft meets Giger meets Dark City. Killer prose, great characterization– a frighteningly brilliant piece…


 Butcher Shop Quartet Vol 1

Butcher Shop Quartet

Butcher Shop Quartet

Butcher Shop Quartet is an outstanding expression of Cutting Block’s promise to bring us the best in modern horror.”
— Joe McKinney, Skullring (read full review)

“Imagine how strange and complex the world would be if your life were a horror story. How far would you go to rescue a sibling, or to prove your worth to an exclusive fraternity? To what lengths would you travel for the sake of vanity or destiny? Bringing four novellas together in one volume, editor Frank J. Hutton gives at least some insight into possible answers to these questions, all the while raising many more for readers. ‘Four stories to disturb the adventurous mind’ boasts the front cover, and they’re not kidding.” 4 out of 5
— Scott A. Johnson / June 14, 2006

Butcher Shop Quartet presents four dark, disturbing and wickedly entertaining short novellas from authors usually found in the short story market. Straddling the line between the mysterious and the macabre, each of the stories offer a fresh and unique twist on the horror genre, but compliments each other with a tone that is always dark and menacing.”
— Mark Smith-Briggs / June 16, 2006

C U S T O M E R    R E V I E W S
The Last of Boca Verde by Boyd E. Harris kicks off the Quartet by plunging the reader into the darkest jungles of Central America. It’s obvious that Harris knows the region; his descriptive prose had me coughing from imagined forest fire smoke, jumpy from numerous creepy-crawlies, perspiring from imagined humidity, fatigued from the exhaustive horseback climb seven thousand feet up into the cloud forest itself. Then came the Congo Negro… The House on the Hill by Australian author Clinton Green is a classic Greek tragedy about two men whose lives are forever changed after spending the night in a haunted house… young men’s dreams of adventure and glory in battle turn into nightmares as they’re exposed to the harsh realities of war. The twist at the end is just icing on the cake. The Reconstruction of Kasper Clark by English author Michael Stone is a delightful romp through Hell, portrayed as a clinic specializing in plastic surgery… Stone teases, twists and tantalizes the reader from the first page to the last…The Darkling Child by A.T. Andreas… ancient wisdom ignored at a heavy cost, weakness of the flesh, and self-betrayal… The author leads and misleads the reader through increasingly intricate interactions between personified Good and Evil… a twisted intimate dance of light and dark which redefines Faith and Providence.